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Andreea Dumitru Parcalaboiu

Attorney at law

About me

My name is Andreea Dumitru Parcalaboiu Esq.. My professional title is Attorney at Law at Andreea Dumitru & Associates, P.C.
The firm specializes in immigration law, family law, wills and trusts, contracts, and real estate.
I received my Juris Doctorate in 1997 from Romania.
While in the United States, I studied at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University.
I am currently involved with The American, The New York and The Queens Bar Association.
I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
My hobbies and interests include reading, helping out the community, and spending time with my family.

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Andreea Dumitru & Associates, PC is a law firm that provides a wide range of legal services in the areas of immigration, trusts & estates, family law, real estate, business, fashion and sports & entertainment.

Our firm was founded by Ms. Dumitru Parcalaboiu in 2010. Together with associates, support staff, and expert consultants, we offer our clients a wide array of professional services. We are inter-connected and cooperate with law firms from different states and countries on different areas of practice, as well as with foreign embassies and consular sections into the United States.

Located in Sunnyside, Queens, a very diverse community in New York City, our firm has provided legal advice to private and institutional clients with various backgrounds. A particular asset of our firm is the close ties to the Romanian community and the long history of providing Romanians with legal assistance ranging from immigration, to real estate, and trust & estate planning. If you have a simple concern or a complex legal issue and you need experienced legal assistance in understanding your options and the risks involved, please contact us in order to arrange a consultation. Identifying the best course of action and the proper strategies to manage potential legal exposure is something that we are very proud with.

Ms. Dumitru Parcalaboiu, whose background includes in-house legal work in the corporate sector, is Romanian and she has been living in New York for nearly 20 years. She received her Law degree in Romania, and an Master in Law at Cardozo Law School in New York. She is admitted to practice in New York State. Ms. Dumitru Parcalaboiu is a member of the American Bar Association, New York Bar Association, Queens Bar Association, American Immigration Lawyers Association, Board member of the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce, New York Chapter, and National Association of Professional Women.

Our practice

We offer our clients a wide array of professional services. We are inter-connected and cooperate with law firms from different states and countries on different areas of practice, as well as with foreign embassies and consular sections into the United States.

Estate Planning

Estate Tax Planning

Guide clients, who possess property in the U.S. and/or overseas, through the process of estate planning—coordinating financial affairs to secure the greatest economic security for clients and their families. A well-designed estate plan provides not only for the orderly transfer [Read more]


WILLS: Assist individuals to draft a will. Each state has statutes which establish the requirements for a valid will. Most states require that a will be written or typed, signed by the testator, and attested by two or three witnesses [Read more]


Assist clients to create trusts. A trust agreement is a document which describes the wishes of an individual for property held in trust for his beneficiaries. Common objectives for trusts are to reduce the estate tax liability, to protect property in [Read more]

Health Care Proxy

Assist clients to prepare a health care proxy. A Health Care Proxy allows a person to appoint someone — for example, a family member or close friend – to make health care decisions on their behalf in case the person [Read more]

Power of Attorney and Guardianship

Assist clients to create a Power of Attorney. A POA is a legal instrument that is used to delegate legal authority to another on your behalf to make property, financial and other legal decisions. A person can give another person [Read more]

Family Law

Agreements and Settlements

PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENTS: Assist clients by drafting a prenuptial agreement— a written contract created by a couple before they are married. The contract usually lists the property owned by each member of the couple (as well as any debts) and specifies [Read more]

Contested/Uncontested Divorces

Represent clients in contested and uncontested divorces (divorce is the final, legal ending of a marriage by court order). A divorce is contested if either member of the couple does not wish to get divorced, disagrees about the grounds (legal reasons) for [Read more]

Child Custody, Visitation and Support

Representing clients in protecting children rights. With or without a divorce children’s rights must be protected. There are 3 main issues when it comes to children: custody, visitation and support  [Read more]

Real Estate

Commercial and Residential Leases

We assist clients by drafting either commercial or residential leases. Each state has its own rules and regulations on commercial and residential leases. A residential lease agreement is a contract between an individual tenant and the landlord to use of property for [Read more]

Closings and Title Searches

Assist clients who are purchasing property by: Arranging for a title search—prior to the closing— to ensure that there are no problems with the title and that the seller really owns the property [Read more]

Board Applications

Assist clients, interested in buying a co-op apartment, to prepare a board application to submit to the building’s board of directors. Without approval from a building’s board it’s impossible to purchase a co-op.  A typical board application includes a detailed [Read more]

Business and Corporate Law

Business Formation

  Assist clients who wish to start a business to determine which legal structure is best for their needs (the decision has important legal and tax consequences) and guide them in establishing the business. Each state has rules and regulations [Read more]


We assist clients in applying for business licenses to operate in New York City. Such as: a general vendor license (to sell or lease goods or services in a public place that is not a store); a tow truck driver [Read more]


We assist clients who need contracts drafted for deals between owners of a business entity.

Stock Transfers

We assist shareholders to sell stocks, either back to a company or to other individuals.

Sports and Fashion law

Sports Law

We assist clients —who are athletes— by securing, negotiating and drafting contracts on their behalf. A contract is a legally binding agreement which represents a union of the parties viewpoints. Sports contracts  are subject to the same principles of contract formation [Read more]

Fashion Law

We assist clients who are fashion designers or fashion industry professionals and we advise fashion and accessories businesses. We negotiate and draft: Licensing agreements – licensing is the process of “renting” a fashion company’s intellectual property (generally trademarks) to another [Read more]

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Andreea Dumitru and Associates P.C.

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